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Guess Who’s Buzzed?

by Ed Sussman


On April 13, a little over two weeks ago, we released a demo video and blog post about our new business, The demo, which is kind of wonky, is aimed at the crowd of developers who live and breathe Drupal, the publishing platform underlying the new business I co-founded with Lullabot and Bond Art & Science.  About 10,000 geeks have come to check out the blog so far.  Our ultimate audience will be more ordinary people who run businesses, write blogs, publish online newspapers and magazines, operate non-profits and just want to create cool, great websites. We should have something ready for them to play with before too long.

For now, though, it was pretty amazing to hear from the developers who are immersed in website creation. Along with the comments from the blog post, we set off a twitter storm. I thought I’d select a bunch of the comments and tweets, edit them down a bit, and give those who didn’t follow the chatter a feel for the overwhelming excitement. “Jaw droppingly awesome” from @torgospizza is probably my favorite.


Comments from the blog:


Well, this is a masterpiece, that won’t easily be topped. Just like Drupal builds upon Apache/PHP, Buzzr builds upon Drupal. It takes unusual vision and talent to execute a leap like this. And buckets of hard work. Thanks for taking drupal and content management to the next level.

Now I can see how Drupal will take over the world

It’s always been powerful – but now I can see how it will be easy to use too!

Thats hot.

And its real. Nice!


This is a very impressive demo! Holy cow! You took every recent Lullabot-related module and put them altogether!


This will be fantastic when it’s available. It’s an “everything not Drupal” killer.
Favorite line: “Mildly OK-looking stuff…” LOL.

It looks amazing

But you knew that already.


All I can say is “wow!” Drupal is now a product.

This is #!@&$ awesome

This is #!@&$ awesome, it’s something that I have thought about but didn’t have enough Drupal mojo to actually do. I guess if anyone can get it done it’s you guys.


gr8 work guys cant wait for Buzzr to be realized & get my hands on it…

Holy Crap!

LOVE THIS!Believe it or not I think the “features instead of modules” UI enhancement is the best thing… and you saved it for last!

Just a thought. VERY VERY nice work. This is the future.


This is a very good example of the type of thinking that developers have avoided and that designers and administrators need. Drupal is very back-end oriented and that is it’s greatest strength. While not losing any of that layer, you’ve captured many of the issues that the end user has to struggle with after the development is done.Keep up the good work and for the bravery to unveil something at the right time even if it’s still a work in progress and even if you were looking for VC for it. L

holy crap!

Finish and sell this! Right now, I’ll buy it and finally leave!

Very exciting

Ah this demo makes me happy in so many ways.I hope this demo give the money tree a solid shake for you.


That’s what I’m calling pushing forward functionality

It’s very original

The concepts are very original and the result is very cool. The UI is really more friendly (you have a feeling of less settings to ‘touch’ to customize drupal and it definitely don’t look like drupal :)).Keep on guys, you are doing great as usual 🙂

damn … this is so cool. i

damn … this is so cool. i was mentioning some of the issues i was busy trying to address in the blog post you seem to have covered the issues and then some. this is really exciting, drupal is beginning to become appealing to normal people and is not just something used by programmers surrounded by pizza boxes and empty beer bottles.

Awesome. Photoshop for web

Awesome. Photoshop for web sites.


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