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Buzzr update from CMS Wire

Interviewed (via e-mail) last week by Dee Ann LeBlanc of CMS Wire. Story came out today —

Nice to see a journalist covering the inside pool of Drupal with real understanding.


“Staying with Drupal 6 lets the Buzzr team wait until they feel all of the necessary Drupal 7 modules are ready and stable before migrating the platform to the new version. Unlike many Drupal 6 users, however, Buzzr users may barely notice the change. No doubt they’ll get new functionality along with the update, but Buzzr is a usability layer on top of Drupal.”


“Sussman hints that in addition to the main Buzzr release, they’re also working on “providing white label multi-site solutions for enterprises interested in rolling out social-media friendly sites quickly and efficiently…”

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