I’m now on GoodReads.

Could be useful if the recommendation engine is strong.


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Miami Trip

A few images from my recent trip to Florida., including some amazing images on the flight from Miami to LaGuardia.





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January 20, 2014 · 8:24 am

Blast from the past

Just found out my old Duke Law Journal article was referenced in this book from Yale University Press about Lillian Hellman’s famous lawsuit against Mary McCarthy.

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Paul Smith’s College Launches on Buzzr Higher Education Edition

Congratulations to Paul Smith’s College on their new website, created with the Buzzr Higher Education edition. You can seeit here.

The orignal design was created by, our partner in Buzzr Higher Ed. mStoner is the national leader in website design and strategy in the Higher Education market. We have an exclusive deal with mStoner to partner on websites for small colleges.

The Buzzr Higher Ed platform allows mStoner to offer small colleges their services at a fraction of the million dollar price tag typical for large university websites.

The sleek design was created by mStoner and is a beautifule example of the type of sophisticated website that can be created with Buzzr.

The Paul Smith’s College website introduces a host of new features, including content hierarchy, which allows the administrator to specify which pages and which widgets the content should appear on.

We’ll follow up soon with a longer blog post describing new features of the platform and the Paul Smith’s College website in particular.

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E-Commerce on

Looking for a platform with easy e-commerce or commerce?

Two new websites recently launched on the platform show off the latest features in the e-commerce suites. At, an established brand of high-end women’s apparel for golfing sells dozens of different styles of clothing. Each new product entry can be given multiple tags, and then pages can be deployed in moments around any one of those tags. e.g. sweaters, vests, accessories.

The website also features a handome new grid display of multiple items in the same category and a product display page that rivals any high end retailors website. Katanya chooses not to sell its products via a shopping cart, but if at any point they wish to start, shopping cart checkout can be added for any or all products.

The website continues to rapidly evolve as the owners decide their preferred direction for online commerce. The flexibility of Buzzr means  the owners can easily implement changes and new features to the site. And they can manage the site day-to-day without the need for a tech team. 

At KarelinasLeotards, the order of the day are very high end leotards for competitive girls and women’s sports, such as rythmic gymnastics and acrobatics.  Karelinas using a tighter grid configuration for group display of its productrs and a one column product page that allows an unlimited amount of text and images to be diplayed (compared to a two column structure with tighter parameters but more information displayed higher on the page.)

Since Leotard prurchases can run into many thousands of dollars, Karelinas prefer to handle these orders offline. The brand also sells accessories and these can be purchased directly on the site via an online shopping cart.

The Buzzr commerce tools can also be used for online donations or ticket sales.

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August 17, 2013 · 5:22 pm

Coupon Feature on

Did you know Buzzr has an advanced e-coupon feature available? Coupons can be viewed electroinically, via a print out, or via newsletters. Features include automated removal of the coupon from the site upon expiration date, templated graphic design and bar code insertion.

Here’s an example of a simple coupon created with the Buzzr tool set:

Here’s how it works:

First, you add promotional copy and an image.

Next, choose which store(s) to list on the coupon, the price and discount, if any, the valid date(s), right down to the hour. Then, any disclaimer text. There’s also an an option for bar code

Finally, choose whether to only publish on the site or also distribute via newsletter.

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August 17, 2013 · 5:20 pm

Duke Law Journal Revisited

Duke Law Journal got around to posting PDFs of the back issues.  My old law review article is now online about the opinion privilege in libel law, as determined by the first amendment. It’s called Milkovich Revisited: “Saving” the Opinion Privilege. Here’s the link:

I loved that article and remember the stacks and stack of law books surrounding me in the law library while I researched it.

If you feel like buying the article for $15, you can do that too, from Lexis Nexis. I’d recommend the free version, though.

On a separate note, you can check out my Media Links blog at I also have been experimenting with Blogger bu Google, with and I have a new social profile at  Using up all my personal domains….


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