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Great Interview About Buzzr 2.0

Ryan Price of DrupalEasy.com sat down with me at DrupalCon for a talk about the release of Buzzr 2.0.

For those of you who don’t know, Drupal is an open source platform that developers use to create enterprise websites, like WhiteHouse.gov, TheEconomist.com and MarthaStewart.com.

Buzzr simplifies and streamlines Drupal with an entirely original interface. Drupal is a very complex developer tool that takes months to master, but with Buzzr, in just minutes, regular, non-techie people can build websites with the same great publishing power.


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Kudos to Cooperation and Color Picking

As we gear up for the official launch of the Buzzr.com DIY solution, we’re especially excited about our new color picker feature. It’s a pretty amazing tool for creating or adjusting styles — you can change colors, spacing and fonts of virtually any element on the page.

We have the very talented people at ONE Agency, based in Belgium, to thank for this incredible tool, and the lead developers Kristof De Jaeger and Jan-Yves Vanhaverbeke. They are working feverishly on the project, and contributing the code to the world at large, through a new open source Drupal module called Sweaver. We’ve been helping out a bit where we can — our patches are being committed by Buzzr lead developer Karen Stevenson. Time permitting, when we launch, she”ll be writing a blog post about her work with integrating Sweaver into Buzzr. We’ve streamlined it to make it simpler for regular users and are working to make it compatible with our existing styles.

I must admit that despite having now worked with open source Drupal for almost five years, I still can feel a sting when I see a competitor (we really only have one and their platform is mostly for Drupal pros, not the ordinary user Buzzr is targeting) has adopted a tool we spent a great deal of time and money developing. True, we released it for the world to use freely, and in exchange, we get the benefit of any improvements the world gives back to the project. But I still get a little miffed when I know a competitor’s site would be much weaker were it not for ideas we developed.

I’ve confided this feeling in the past to my colleague Angie Byron, or “webchick”, the co-lead of Drupal 7, the next release of Drupal, and an important contributor to the Buzzr project. Angie is always reminding me that the nature of open source is give and take — and that Buzzr gets a huge amount from the Drupal community. It’s allowed us to create a platform for a few hundred thousand dollars that would have otherwise cost many millions of dollars, possibly tens of millions.

Nothing has brought that concept home more than the Sweaver theme module, the result of thousands of hours of work that we now get for free. The ONE Agency is going to do their own commercial work around Sweaver, and I’m delighted we can help make it better in any way we can. For all I know, we’ll end up offering similar services to certain clients. But when it comes to Sweaver, we’re friends and co-workers, not competitors. And that’s pretty amazing.

An update for those awaiting the official launch: we’ve pushed it back just a tad to incorporate Sweaver. We’re coming soon.

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Summer Update for Buzzr.com

We’ve been working under the radar the last couple of months, turning down press interviews and requests for meetings from investors. That’s because we’ve got some great stuff coming out end of the summer, and we’d rather not waste our powder before then. But thing are heating up, so I thought I’d write a quick preview for our followers:

-we’ll debut a service (now in beta) to assist small clients create custom designs and feature configurations, along with coaching to take charge of running a great professional-grade site all by themselves.

-we’ll have our DIY platform ready to take out of beta, with a slew of important new features that will make it easier than ever for regular people to create and run their own powerful websites.

-we’ll be adding social features that create a whole network of activity for our site builders and site members beyond site-building tools. It’s what creates the Buzz in Buzzr and is the most ambitious part of our company plan — and also the trickiest to execute.

-we’ll be announcing at least one important new partnership.

In the meantime, check out our Showcase of sites created with the Buzzr platform and let me know what you think. (Keep in mind we have a bunch of new features set to debut that have not yet been incorporated into these sites.)

If you’d like to join us — whether as a customer, staff member or freelancer, feel free to e-mail me at ed@buzzr.com.


Ed Sussman


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Scoble Interview About Buzzr

Famed technology blogger Robert Scoble (whom I co-founded FastCompanyTV with in 2008) spoke to me about Buzzr.com, our super-robust platform for ordinary users to create and run great social media-rich websites.  We spoke at the TechCrunch Disrupt Conference a couple of weeks ago. The interview is a broad overview of Buzzr, its capabilities and our intended place in the market.

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Buzzr Joins NYU/Poly Incubator

We’re pleased to have been accepted by the NYU/Poly Incubator, sponsored by the NYC Economic Development Corporation.

The incubator has been getting a lot of press lately, including stories in the New York Times and BBC.

A few hundred applied and about 30 were accepted.

Aside from a fairly swank office in downtown NYC, we’re happy to be surrounded by a couple of dozen other entrepreneurs — from one person start ups to 10-person early stage companies.

We’ve also got small digs over at Rose Tech Ventures, where another group of remarkable entrepreneurs work. Lots of VC-backed companies at Rose’s operation — called “Spark Space.” And free lunch on Fridays!

Lots of space now. Time to grow!

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Ten of Thousands of Websites Are Using Buzzr Software Before We’re Even in Public Alpha. What’s the Deal?

Buzzr, our platform for simplifying the creation of sophisticated websites, has been in development for more than a year now. Yet even though we aren’t public yet, tens of thousands of sites have already adopted software from the project. More than 100,000 sites, we estimate. How? Open Source.

For this of you not too familiar with open source technology projects, a word of explanation is necessary. Strange as it may seem, we’ve released, free of charge, interesting parts of our work (“modules”) well before we were ready to release it on our own site. We’ve also contributed extensive work we’ve done on existing modules to make them much better.

The work ranges from making it easier for website visitors to vote on content they like, to making it easier to create a custom form, to making it easier to configure a website to begin with.

The open source deal is this: you can use the module for free, but once you come to depend on it, you’re probably going to want to see it working well. So you help by reporting bugs, submitting patches and making suggestions.  And we end up getting free help supporting our work. Below, I’ve listed some of the modules we’ve created or done a great deal of work on, along with some usage statistics.

We’re building Buzzr leveraging the Drupal project. A big part of what we’re doing is creating a usability on top of Drupal, as well as integrating a bundle of Drupal modules that work as a simplified solution for creating, hosting and running websites.  You can see a preview of the work here. http://buzzr.com/buzzr-demo-video-making-drupal-usable

We have lots more good stuff coming.  And if there’s a particularly important feature you hope becomes part of Buzzr or one of the modules we release on Drupal, please let us know!

Thanks to the entire Lullabot team, including Karen Stevenson, Nate Haug, Jeff Eaton, Angie Byron, James Walker, Jeff Robbins, Addison Berry and Matt Westgate for their work on these and many other Buzzr tools.

New Modules:

jQuery UI ; SimpleViewsViews Attach; Views Gallery ; Form Builder;

And here are some of the modules we’ve made significant contributions to:

Embed Filter ; Fivestar; jQuery Update ; MultiblockVoting API

Sample Usage Charts:

Picture 3

Picture 2

Simple Views Usage

Picture 6

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Guess Who’s Buzzed?

by Ed Sussman


On April 13, a little over two weeks ago, we released a demo video and blog post about our new business, Buzzr.com. The demo, which is kind of wonky, is aimed at the crowd of developers who live and breathe Drupal, the publishing platform underlying the new business I co-founded with Lullabot and Bond Art & Science.  About 10,000 geeks have come to check out the blog so far.  Our ultimate audience will be more ordinary people who run businesses, write blogs, publish online newspapers and magazines, operate non-profits and just want to create cool, great websites. We should have something ready for them to play with before too long.

For now, though, it was pretty amazing to hear from the developers who are immersed in website creation. Along with the comments from the blog post, we set off a twitter storm. I thought I’d select a bunch of the comments and tweets, edit them down a bit, and give those who didn’t follow the chatter a feel for the overwhelming excitement. “Jaw droppingly awesome” from @torgospizza is probably my favorite.


Comments from the blog:


Well, this is a masterpiece, that won’t easily be topped. Just like Drupal builds upon Apache/PHP, Buzzr builds upon Drupal. It takes unusual vision and talent to execute a leap like this. And buckets of hard work. Thanks for taking drupal and content management to the next level.

Now I can see how Drupal will take over the world

It’s always been powerful – but now I can see how it will be easy to use too!

Thats hot.

And its real. Nice!


This is a very impressive demo! Holy cow! You took every recent Lullabot-related module and put them altogether!


This will be fantastic when it’s available. It’s an “everything not Drupal” killer.
Favorite line: “Mildly OK-looking stuff…” LOL.

It looks amazing

But you knew that already.


All I can say is “wow!” Drupal is now a product.

This is #!@&$ awesome

This is #!@&$ awesome, it’s something that I have thought about but didn’t have enough Drupal mojo to actually do. I guess if anyone can get it done it’s you guys.


gr8 work guys cant wait for Buzzr to be realized & get my hands on it…

Holy Crap!

LOVE THIS!Believe it or not I think the “features instead of modules” UI enhancement is the best thing… and you saved it for last!

Just a thought. VERY VERY nice work. This is the future.


This is a very good example of the type of thinking that developers have avoided and that designers and administrators need. Drupal is very back-end oriented and that is it’s greatest strength. While not losing any of that layer, you’ve captured many of the issues that the end user has to struggle with after the development is done.Keep up the good work and for the bravery to unveil something at the right time even if it’s still a work in progress and even if you were looking for VC for it. L

holy crap!

Finish and sell this! Right now, I’ll buy it and finally leave ning.com!

Very exciting

Ah this demo makes me happy in so many ways.I hope this demo give the money tree a solid shake for you.


That’s what I’m calling pushing forward functionality

It’s very original

The concepts are very original and the result is very cool. The UI is really more friendly (you have a feeling of less settings to ‘touch’ to customize drupal and it definitely don’t look like drupal :)).Keep on guys, you are doing great as usual 🙂

damn … this is so cool. i

damn … this is so cool. i was mentioning some of the issues i was busy trying to address in the blog post http://espresso-online.info/site/node/114. you seem to have covered the issues and then some. this is really exciting, drupal is beginning to become appealing to normal people and is not just something used by programmers surrounded by pizza boxes and empty beer bottles.

Awesome. Photoshop for web

Awesome. Photoshop for web sites.


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