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Paul Smith’s College Launches on Buzzr Higher Education Edition

Congratulations to Paul Smith’s College on their new website, created with the Buzzr Higher Education edition. You can seeit here.

The orignal design was created by mStoner.com, our partner in Buzzr Higher Ed. mStoner is the national leader in website design and strategy in the Higher Education market. We have an exclusive deal with mStoner to partner on websites for small colleges.

The Buzzr Higher Ed platform allows mStoner to offer small colleges their services at a fraction of the million dollar price tag typical for large university websites.

The sleek design was created by mStoner and is a beautifule example of the type of sophisticated website that can be created with Buzzr.

The Paul Smith’s College website introduces a host of new features, including content hierarchy, which allows the administrator to specify which pages and which widgets the content should appear on.

We’ll follow up soon with a longer blog post describing new features of the platform and the Paul Smith’s College website in particular.

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Coupon Feature on Buzzr.com

Did you know Buzzr has an advanced e-coupon feature available? Coupons can be viewed electroinically, via a print out, or via newsletters. Features include automated removal of the coupon from the site upon expiration date, templated graphic design and bar code insertion.

Here’s an example of a simple coupon created with the Buzzr tool set:

Here’s how it works:

First, you add promotional copy and an image.

Next, choose which store(s) to list on the coupon, the price and discount, if any, the valid date(s), right down to the hour. Then, any disclaimer text. There’s also an an option for bar code

Finally, choose whether to only publish on the site or also distribute via newsletter.

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August 17, 2013 · 5:20 pm

Costa Rica’s Largest Media Company Launches Buzzr White Label Environment — Fussio.com

For many months now, we’ve been working with Nacion, the largest media company in Costa Rica, to build them a new Spanish language platform to use for their new small company website and digital products business. The business launches October 15, 2012, under the brand name Fussio.

A team of in-house designers, project managers and sales people has been assembled and Buzzr also spent a week on premises training existing staff. Buzzr has bi-lingual trainers and developers, as well as an office in Argentina. Fussio got a head start with several pre-launch sites, including: jimba.net, lucianoretana.com, jceducaciondental, macawlodge.com, retoescuelasegura.com, jumptogocr.com , motopartescr.com

Here are a couple of screenshots from live websites:

Since Nacion’s initial target market includes the tourism industry, many websites will be offered in both Spanish and English. Nacion commissioned Buzzr to design and build ten new Spanish-language Quickstarts, for one-click rollouts of websites with specific vertical features. Quickstarts include restaurants, hotels, spas, professionals (e.g. dentists), and general contractors (e.g. builders of vacation properties.) Many new styles – interchangeable with any Quickstart – were also debuted.

As a result of our collaboration, Buzzr’s User Interface  is now available in both Spanish and English. The user interface was translated entirely into Spanish for the Fussio project. Here’s an image of one page from the administrative interface:

Spanish Language Website Builder

Here is the homepage of one of three restaurant Quickstarts:

restaurant website template

And here is the homepage of a Spa/Hotel Quickstart:

Spa Tenplate Website

If you’re interested in discussing Buzzr’s white label products, please contact Ed Sussman at ed@buzzr.com or call us at (917) 410-1490.

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October 19, 2012 · 3:02 pm