Media Coverage

Ed Sussman in the Media (Select)

Ed Sussman

Ed Sussman

Inc. and Fast Company

The Media is Social (Fast Company platform essay)

News Innovation story on Fast Company

BlogTalk Radio Interview on Mansueto

DM  News -Mansueto Digital Strategy

Robert Scoble on new Fast Company TV platform co-founded with Ed Sussman

Ed Sussman promotion to Executive VP of Mansueto Ventures here and here

Ed Sussman Beet.TV interview (HuffPo)

Review of Ed Sussman’s new Fast Company platform by Jeremiah Owyang


Building 43 Interview by Robert Scoble

DrupalEasy Podcast on Buzzr

Buzzr (unnamed at the time) Announced on

Lullabot Podcast on Buzzr

CMS Wire on Buzzr

Tipzu Acquired by Buzzr (GigaOm and


NY Observer Op Ed on Social Journalism

Slate essay on working for the NY Times 

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